Gambling rehab centers las vegas

Gambling rehab centers las vegas casino en indio

We offer multiple levels of care and unique programs, all of which combine intensive and extensive substance abuse and dual diagnosis treatment within a nurturing, support-based, sober living environment. Education is the first component of treatment.

Tony's Story Tony McDew not only recognized that he had a gambling problem, but set out to document it with harahs rincon casino own video camera, hoping that sharing his experience could help others. How can you tell if gambling is becoming a problem for yourself, or someone you care about? We are here to help you learn, understand, and find solutions that are right for you! Web Hosting by WebHost4Life. Awareness…Education…Advocacy The Nevada Council on Problem Gambling is dedicated to providing our communities with reliable information and resources to help you understand problem gambling. One of the first steps to helping yourself is gamblinng you have the problem. Compulsive Gambling addiction is a major problem, for the problem gambler proper assistance is available.

The Problem Gambling center is classified as a (c)(3) organization under the Gambling Center; to provide evaluation, individual, and group counseling. Quality, effective state of the art addiction treatment center located in the Las Vegas Area. Call now. Problem Gambling Center executive director Krista Creelman will answer questions about gambling addiction from Las Vegas Sun readers at noon Tuesday.

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